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Residential garden services

residential garden consulting

Achieve Immediate Results!

Cali East offers works directly with clients, providing exceptional consulting services that are catered specifically to their needs. 

Residential Garden Services
Residential Garden Layout and Design.jpg

garden layout & design

Starting a garden can be overwhelming.  Let us help you strategize. Cali East can design an eyepopping garden addition to your yard that produces food all year for you and your family as well as adding beauty and value to your yard.  

Residentia Garden Layout and Design

Self Sufficiency

These days it's tough to see what’s coming next.  Cali East can help you feel a little bit more secure about where you get your food.  We can help you escape the shackles of the grocery store at least a little bit. You can count on Cali East to coach you through growing all of your favorite produce, as well as a few animals if you are inclined. 

residential Gardening Self sufficiency
Self Sufficiency
Garden irrigation.jpg

Residential irrigation systems and timing

Cali East has designed countless residential irrigation systems and can use this experience to help make your garden as plug and play as possible.

Residential Irrigation Systems and Timing
residential greenhouse.jpg

Residential greenhouse kits and supplieS

Cali East can assist you in acquiring and building the right season-extending greenhouse for your family’s needs.    

Residential Greenhouse Kits and Supplies
Residential garden companion

We offer solutions to almost any pest problem you may encounter as well as the best companion planting practices so you avoid the pests from the start.  We also can assist in identifying and correcting most plant problems. 

Companion planting & integrated pest management 

Companion Planting, Integrated pest management, and Troubleshooting
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