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Commercial Hemp & Cannabis

commercial and residential

Whatever scale you intend to grow Cali East can get you set up with the knowledge and equipment to ensure your grow is a success!


Cali East offers cannabis grow knowledge and set up assistance to licensed and legal growers only. 

HemP & Cannabis consultinG 

Seed Acquisition & Propagation Services

seed acquisition

& propagation services

With 15 years of experience in the cannabis world and 17 in Agriculture, Cali East uses its extensive network to provide access to a vast array of cultivars. Our nursery partners use their 7 acres of greenhouse space to propagate at nearly any scale and delivers the plants directly to your farm*!

(*depending on the location and size of the order.)

Greenhouses & irrigation

Our network of designers and suppliers can offer you state-of-the-art equipment for your greenhouse needs including, climate control systems, fertigation, and irrigation design for indoor and outdoor applications, at any scale.

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Greenhouses & Irrigation
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garden layout & design

Cali East can assist you with determining the best use of your space for maximum production catered to your needs including determining usable space, plant and row spacing, plant quantity, and a planting strategy.  

Garden Layout and Design

soil Building testing

Cali East offers a variety of field soil tests. We offer field tests in micro and macro nutrients & ph, in addition to partering with larger labs to further analyze the presence of pathogens. Once tested we can help build the soil to suit your productivity needs be it large commercial or living soil at home. 

Soil Testing

Integrated pest management

Pests can (and will be) a problem to every grower at some point, and at Cali East, we have dealt with them all.  The best offense is a good defense and we can help with that as well as remediation if needed.  We can make recommendations for any grower, organic or otherwise on the best practices to avoid pests and how to deal with them if they do rear their ugly heads.

Pest Identifiaction & Remination

nutrient regimeN

soil amendments | compost tea

plant deficiency identification

Cali East can help you get on track with nutrient recommendations for both the home gardener and the commercial farmer, organic or otherwise, including soil amendments, ferment feeds, compost teas, and foliar feed applications to promote plant health. 


Got a sick plant? We can help identify the problem.  We even offer a field leaf tissue test if necessary to eliminate any potential guesswork.

Nutrient Regimen & Compost Tea
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