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Expert counsel for YOUR budding business

From cultivation to harvest, Cali East is here to guide you every step of the way with both commercial and residential cannabis/hemp, and agricultural needs.

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a successful harvest starts with a thought-out plan

Cali East LLC offers a wide array of hemp, cannabis & garden consulting services to support your businesses success! From propagation to cultivation, and beyond, Cali East works with the needs of the individual client to ensure a successful harvest. Serving the entire east coast, with a focus on the greater Tri-State Area, including New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut & beyond,  Cali East will bring your garden to life, whether it be commercial cannabis & hemp or residential food farming or landscape design, Cali East has the know-how and ability to make your garden grow!  

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Joshua Fischer is proud to share his extensive knowledge gained through 17+ years of sustainable gardening and commercial cannabis/ hemp cultivation with the east coast! Raised in the Northernmost corner of New Jersey, with a green thumb, Josh moved to Northern California In 2007 and has been an active part of the commercial cannabis and hemp space ever since. In 2019 He relocated back to his home state to immerse himself in hemp, managing production of 30,000 plants on 17 acres in Orange County New York.  In April of 2020, the pandemic inspired him to break out on his own and share his experience with the east coast farm and garden community at large and Cali East LLC was born.  

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